Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spammer subjects that make me laugh

(I have to be really careful as I write this, as I do not want to give the companies that the spammer is spamming for any traction)

So my mail server (running postfix+spamassassin+razor+pyzor) has been letting in a bunch of email spam for (excuse for phonetics but I have to) "Mail inhansmunt". Normally my mouse hand has clicked and deleted the email before I become conscious of it, sending it off to my spam learning mechanism, but recently I found myself laughing out loud at the subject lines that the spammer has been using to goad me into opening his nasty emails. I still delete them, but I had to post them.
How many of these has he thought up? Is English his first language, or his fifth ? Has he thought of a more socially responsible career as a comic ?

In the end I still banish the email to the spam learner, but I get several unexpected chuckles a day. Sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered !

a selection ....

"Women form queue, when you got as much night energy as this Don Juan maker gives!"
"Turn your meat battleship on!"
"A complete gentleman in bed is all the time ready"
"We will not let your manliness retire so soon."
"We will not let your masculinity die so quickly"

The grammar mixed with word choice is priceless.
Now if only the emails sold something I gave a crap about!

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