Thursday, April 23, 2009

Music should be able to inspire pain, just not the music industry...

hmmmmmm spotify ...
Not the best way to remain free ...
using music to join people...
'We’ve cleared the rights to use the music you’ll listen to in Spotify'

'listen to in Spotify' ...
not 'listen to ON Spotify'
or 'listen to with'
but 'in'...

favorite word of the builders of
Walled gardens,
(those who would control you
and slip their hands inside your pockets
while patting you on the back
and make little holes
where the pennies trickle out
each one making the hole slightly bigger ...)

not 'outside'
.. Our Ball
... Our Yard
... Our rules

how forward looking ... what a future ..

spoon fed Music.
Music's Hulu.
Made so easy
that you wont even feel
the pinch,
the loss,
it'll feel like a new wave,
and it wont be for a while
'till you notice the loss,
that 'digging through the piles of songs
for that one special track
you havent heard it ages,
but would be so special
right now'...
and then the loss is apparent,
you dont have it now,
you never will again ...

its kinda like listening to a radio
and only hearing it as the music passed

just like radio was ...

you could go and buy the record ....
or buy something not on the radio ...
but if spotify wins, then all you will get is its stream,
as that is all that will play on their player
and then suddenly you aren't buying music anymore
you're renting it,
leasing it like you would lease a car ...

But I've listened to some of my favorite tracks
thousands and thousands of time
over decades ...
I have even replaced them when they wore out
(record cracked, tape warped, and the CD got rot)
but once I owned it
I could listen to it as many times as I liked,
make my own recording of it
(for protective and personal use),
and listen to it on
a record player,
a tape player,
a boom box,
even while trecking through Thai jungles where there was no 'signal',
even when I had no food,
but the batteries were still good,
and my strings were broken.
and I loved that.
I got to cherish
what I had bought.
But what now,
if there is no signal,
or I cant pay my 'rent',
where will I be ?

So yes, it seems we have gone forward
so far,
from radio to TV to internet to
streaming music and streaming video.
And the greatest,
crowing achievement,
the glory of all this
of our society's technology
and artistry ...

is to bring back Radio.

But it's a new fangled radio,
one where you can not
go out and buy the music,
you cant ever own it,
you can't save up
buy it once and have it forever,
Its one where you will have to keep paying,
and paying,
and if you forgot,
or dont have enough,
they can take away the music, like they would
your car,
or your house.

And you know, at least with a house it's possible to make a final payment.

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