Thursday, July 15, 2010

I write like James Joyce

hahaha - no wonder no one understands me. I promise no finnegans wake!

I write like
James Joyce

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Monday, July 27, 2009

After 22 years of long hair, It was time

Although I had many many reasons to keep the long hair, I had as many reasons to not. In the end I decided it was time for a change. The hair was the last vanity from my rock 'n' roll days, and I was getting sidelined in business meetings being viewed as a long haired techie, rather than a tech-smart business mind. And then there was Squash. I started playing again 3 weeks ago and the hair kept getting in my eyes. No amount of head bands, pony tail holders, rubber band etc could stop it, and I realized : it had to go. And I love it now !

So without more ado, here is the proof!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Kind Of Love

So I wrote this song for my wedding. Yeah yeah yeah I've heard it all before, and I know you are expecting some kind of cheese, but I dont care. I am a musician and the band were really good, and so I got up and put all of me into it. And no, it was not some sloppy love song, it was written to get 'em dancing, and dance they did. At some point I may get to record the song itself, but 'til then, here are the lyrics.......

My Kind of Love

and so I tried to see,
what I now see
in front of me,
I tried to phrase the day
and I didn't stand a chance,
no I didn't stand a chance.

From sunset champagne
and a first kiss on Zuma beach
to Idyll'ing wild
and a breakfast of Sunday guitar
and we didn't stand a chance
and we didn't stand a chance

so now all that I can say
of all the love I feel
in here today is oh,
This is My Kind Of Love
oh yeah.

And I aint gonna lie,
no I aint gonna say this is easy,
I aint gonna lie no no,
coz its hard sometimes,
but I've always had your back
from day one.

Now all that's left to say is
'Thank you all'
For joining us in these our
'Holy hours'
For taking her
and taking me
and letting us just
let love be
and oh
You're my kind of love
yes you are,
You're our kind of love
yes you are.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Wedding May 23rd, 2009

The Bride and Groom together :) I have to say at this point I already hurt from smiling so much. It was the most fantastic day EVER !!!!!!!!!

The groomsmen, Andrew, Riku, Lawrence, Steve, and Mike.

So there will likely be more commentary to come, but I had to put these up. Say what you like but I think men in Kilts ROCK!!! Much better than a morning suit or black tie (tuxedo).... Me on the right, my brother (best man) on the left, and my nephew, Callum, in the middle.

Jeremy, Andrew, Jake, Callum and myself.... Family rocks !

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In response to the Music3.0 article by Bobby Owsinski

first off, here is the article Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0

and then here is my short reply ...

Wow - someone who thinks like I do! Direct sales to the customer, by the Artists, from the Artists' website, blog pages and multiple other digital locations is where it is trying to go. The biggest block so far has been a technological one, in that browsers (and therefore software companies) controlled what a user could do with a web page inside a browser on their computer). That is now a thing of the past. This Music3.0 thing is coinciding with the new Web3.0 thing, and at the forefront of that is an independent Digital Download Service called
. MySongStore combines the cutting edge of Web3.0 with the solidification of Music3.0, under RSA security principles, and Fair Trade standards. With things cracked open in this manner Record Companies will have to find a new business model (such as actually trying to find new music (via a real A&R department), or start assuming a more simple business manager/promoter role). The record industry is dead. The boutique digital download mechanism is on the rise, and finally, after over 50 years, artists can get a fair shot at getting paid for their work, seeing some of the royalties, and not having to rely on the personal tastes of a middle man to get their music to the public.

Of course all of this is predicated upon (my)/the definition of Web3.0. Well folks, that is for the next blog, I need to do some work now, or I will not have any to do if you know what I mean!

Spammer subjects that make me laugh

(I have to be really careful as I write this, as I do not want to give the companies that the spammer is spamming for any traction)

So my mail server (running postfix+spamassassin+razor+pyzor) has been letting in a bunch of email spam for (excuse for phonetics but I have to) "Mail inhansmunt". Normally my mouse hand has clicked and deleted the email before I become conscious of it, sending it off to my spam learning mechanism, but recently I found myself laughing out loud at the subject lines that the spammer has been using to goad me into opening his nasty emails. I still delete them, but I had to post them.
How many of these has he thought up? Is English his first language, or his fifth ? Has he thought of a more socially responsible career as a comic ?

In the end I still banish the email to the spam learner, but I get several unexpected chuckles a day. Sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered !

a selection ....

"Women form queue, when you got as much night energy as this Don Juan maker gives!"
"Turn your meat battleship on!"
"A complete gentleman in bed is all the time ready"
"We will not let your manliness retire so soon."
"We will not let your masculinity die so quickly"

The grammar mixed with word choice is priceless.
Now if only the emails sold something I gave a crap about!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Music should be able to inspire pain, just not the music industry...

hmmmmmm spotify ...
Not the best way to remain free ...
using music to join people...
'We’ve cleared the rights to use the music you’ll listen to in Spotify'

'listen to in Spotify' ...
not 'listen to ON Spotify'
or 'listen to with'
but 'in'...

favorite word of the builders of
Walled gardens,
(those who would control you
and slip their hands inside your pockets
while patting you on the back
and make little holes
where the pennies trickle out
each one making the hole slightly bigger ...)

not 'outside'
.. Our Ball
... Our Yard
... Our rules

how forward looking ... what a future ..

spoon fed Music.
Music's Hulu.
Made so easy
that you wont even feel
the pinch,
the loss,
it'll feel like a new wave,
and it wont be for a while
'till you notice the loss,
that 'digging through the piles of songs
for that one special track
you havent heard it ages,
but would be so special
right now'...
and then the loss is apparent,
you dont have it now,
you never will again ...

its kinda like listening to a radio
and only hearing it as the music passed

just like radio was ...

you could go and buy the record ....
or buy something not on the radio ...
but if spotify wins, then all you will get is its stream,
as that is all that will play on their player
and then suddenly you aren't buying music anymore
you're renting it,
leasing it like you would lease a car ...

But I've listened to some of my favorite tracks
thousands and thousands of time
over decades ...
I have even replaced them when they wore out
(record cracked, tape warped, and the CD got rot)
but once I owned it
I could listen to it as many times as I liked,
make my own recording of it
(for protective and personal use),
and listen to it on
a record player,
a tape player,
a boom box,
even while trecking through Thai jungles where there was no 'signal',
even when I had no food,
but the batteries were still good,
and my strings were broken.
and I loved that.
I got to cherish
what I had bought.
But what now,
if there is no signal,
or I cant pay my 'rent',
where will I be ?

So yes, it seems we have gone forward
so far,
from radio to TV to internet to
streaming music and streaming video.
And the greatest,
crowing achievement,
the glory of all this
of our society's technology
and artistry ...

is to bring back Radio.

But it's a new fangled radio,
one where you can not
go out and buy the music,
you cant ever own it,
you can't save up
buy it once and have it forever,
Its one where you will have to keep paying,
and paying,
and if you forgot,
or dont have enough,
they can take away the music, like they would
your car,
or your house.

And you know, at least with a house it's possible to make a final payment.