Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In response to the Music3.0 article by Bobby Owsinski

first off, here is the article Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0

and then here is my short reply ...

Wow - someone who thinks like I do! Direct sales to the customer, by the Artists, from the Artists' website, blog pages and multiple other digital locations is where it is trying to go. The biggest block so far has been a technological one, in that browsers (and therefore software companies) controlled what a user could do with a web page inside a browser on their computer). That is now a thing of the past. This Music3.0 thing is coinciding with the new Web3.0 thing, and at the forefront of that is an independent Digital Download Service called MySongStore.com
. MySongStore combines the cutting edge of Web3.0 with the solidification of Music3.0, under RSA security principles, and Fair Trade standards. With things cracked open in this manner Record Companies will have to find a new business model (such as actually trying to find new music (via a real A&R department), or start assuming a more simple business manager/promoter role). The record industry is dead. The boutique digital download mechanism is on the rise, and finally, after over 50 years, artists can get a fair shot at getting paid for their work, seeing some of the royalties, and not having to rely on the personal tastes of a middle man to get their music to the public.

Of course all of this is predicated upon (my)/the definition of Web3.0. Well folks, that is for the next blog, I need to do some work now, or I will not have any to do if you know what I mean!

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