Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Kind Of Love

So I wrote this song for my wedding. Yeah yeah yeah I've heard it all before, and I know you are expecting some kind of cheese, but I dont care. I am a musician and the band were really good, and so I got up and put all of me into it. And no, it was not some sloppy love song, it was written to get 'em dancing, and dance they did. At some point I may get to record the song itself, but 'til then, here are the lyrics.......

My Kind of Love

and so I tried to see,
what I now see
in front of me,
I tried to phrase the day
and I didn't stand a chance,
no I didn't stand a chance.

From sunset champagne
and a first kiss on Zuma beach
to Idyll'ing wild
and a breakfast of Sunday guitar
and we didn't stand a chance
and we didn't stand a chance

so now all that I can say
of all the love I feel
in here today is oh,
This is My Kind Of Love
oh yeah.

And I aint gonna lie,
no I aint gonna say this is easy,
I aint gonna lie no no,
coz its hard sometimes,
but I've always had your back
from day one.

Now all that's left to say is
'Thank you all'
For joining us in these our
'Holy hours'
For taking her
and taking me
and letting us just
let love be
and oh
You're my kind of love
yes you are,
You're our kind of love
yes you are.

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