Friday, February 6, 2009


so I am watching Braveheart and it's pissed me off

... an unexpected night alone, as in, I forgot.
and Braveheart is on the TV (cable).
Its been a hard week and I needed to relax, and this seemed like a good idea.
Anyhow pretty soon I'm actually making food repeating each line of the movie to myself
when the movie changed.
I stopped,
did a rewind,
that line was never there before.
This changes everything ...
Now I have to re-reevaluate the film , what is this version
who made it
why ?

... coz

it sucks.
its not beautiful,
on the line anymore

its just gore
and more
hue-ing of dialog.
So the characters were more obviously entrenched
and it lost its magic
it un-blurred the lines
and over exposed the energy
it pissed me off

I loved this movie,
and I loved the way it made me feel
But the message
that this version is floating,

subconscious aimed,
has something entirely different to say
than the version
that I knew by heart.
and given that this was on Cable, it was full of ads
so it was taking a hit as it is.
To watch it
in this manner

makes me scared;
that in this day and age
we would still kill
beauty for
It made me sad that some people will live only knowing
this version .
It used to be a good film

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